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Die Castings Tooling

Aluminum Die CastingsTooling Development

To fulfill our customer's die casting needs in very high quality, our factory is to buit tools through design analysis meeting involving our customer's engineer, our internal designer, technicians and toolmakers. This way of tooling design eliminate potentical castings quality issures before casting as well as maximum tool life.

Our Advantages of In-house Tooling Development

· To eliminate potential quality issures of casting parts before casting through our in-house design review by internal joint efforts between professional tooling designers and die castings engineers.

· Mould flow analysis provides to our customer's engineer how the parts shaped before casting, it optimized customer's requirment on the porosity and surface of casting parts.

· Perfect one stop solution on mould and parts design. The engineers know much better on design mould and parts together.  

· Timely delivery ensured.

· High precision and high quality control.  

In-house Tooling Development

Mould Flow Analysis

Mould Design

Mould Develepment




Application Fields

- Automotive Industries

- Power Tools Parts

- Others ( Yacht, Machines and Electornics etc. )

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